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Astringent & Toners

 Skin Toners and Astringents


Karen's Botanicals' formulates skin toners and astringents start with raw ingredients from which we make whole plant extracts. We build a broad spectrum of natural compounds designed to bring significant improvement to your complexion, but gently. Karen's Botanicals toners & astringents are full of vitamins, minerals, and herbal compounds, which nourish and cultivate glowing skin.


We advise the use of a skin toner or astringent after you wash your face. These products are refreshing, and aid in deeply cleansing skin pores. Our Toners help rebalance skin's Ph and remove residual cleanser and oils left after washing your face.


Think of toners and astringents as that little something extra we can do for ourselves to promote a stunningly beautiful complexion. You may notice a very slight tightening of the skin's surface; this tightening is your pores saying, “thank you.”