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We All Love Winter, Right?

Posted by Karen's Botanicals Blogger in Residence on

Winter is wonderful, the holidays are fun, but before you know what's happened your skin is looking like a roadmap to grandma's house due to the harsh conditions of the season. Even the most disciplined of us can fall victim to winter skin dryness. If we have maturing skin, medical conditions, or just your average everyday hormonal issues these all can compound the effects of the season. Soon, we feel like we are wearing sandpaper for skin. So, we take special winter precautions to avoid this condition.

All of our Karen's Botanicals' creams are excellent, but for extremely dry skin in the middle of winter, I recommend our Sensual Amber Sage Cream. This cream is extraordinary in its effectiveness over dry skin conditions. It is deeply nourishing and nearly instantly restorative. Sensual Amber Sage Cream has tremendously hydrating properties for the skin and is the best aid for healing dry, chapped skin, and providing substantial protection from winter skin; plus there is that bonus of Sensual Amber Sage Cream smelling so delicious.

In your rush and busy work of tree trimmings, stocking hangings, family gatherings, meal makings, let us not forget the skin protecting. I suggest you Moisturize, Moisturizer, Moisturize and Drink Your Water.

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