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Our Philosophy


 The Philosophy Behind Karen's Botanicals

 A person’s world view colors every aspect of their life. It helps a person form a philosophy. Every person has a philosophy. They might not be aware of having one, or even knowing what to call it, but every person has a shape, shade, hue for how they view the world around them.  That personal philosophy will be the determining factor for a whole host of decisions. What path shall I take? Who will I care for? How shall I conduct my affairs? 

If  I know a person’s world view, or philosophy, I can tell you a whole lot about that person.   I am a very private person, but I am very willing to be open and share my personal philosophy. I do this, because I believe my customers need to know if my business choices concerning my skin care company, are consistent with a ethical standard, which they can identify as fair, honest, practical and kind. 

 My philosophy for creating beauty and skin care products is to always start with Quality.  I never settle for less than the freshest ingredients we can find. We buy from certified organic growers. We look for American farm families who do not use GMO seed, herbicides, pesticides, and understand sustainable framing practices.  We purchase only top grade, organic herbs, flowers, spices, and oils from reputable sources. We look for those organic farmers who have practiced their methods for many years. We choose to buy raw ingredients, and will not use factory manufactured base products. We chose to buy from suppliers who agree with us concerning the unnecessary use of animals for testing, and agree with our fair trade practices.  

 My pricing philosophy is pretty simple. It drives the bookkeeper a little nuts, but we want to share these beautiful products with as many people as possible, and we keep our prices as reasonable as possible. I can not get through the week without the bookkeeper showing me a competitors product, which is nearly identical to mine and hear, “raise your price.”   I am aware of the many companies who sell products at three, four and sometimes five time the price of what I ask, and I do not care what other companies do.  Setting my prices at such an outrageously high price would not be consistent with our basic Philosophy of Fairness.

 It cost a lot to produce the quality we consistently provide. We keep everything as raw, fresh, and natural as possible. Then we process of these treats from the good earth as gently as possible, so as to retain the wonderful smells, vitamins, minerals, which are the essence of nature’s benefit. you can. Once the mystery of combining,  infusing and formulating happens, we offer these products to you at a fair price.  

 My philosophy for dealing with the complexities of business is to begin each new day focused on being as generous as we possibly can.  I believe women are individuals and not some herd waiting for a product to buy. We love our customers and we work at seeing you, as the beautiful individuals we know you to be. We try to teach here and there with our products, and through our communications, and our little letters. We want to be helpful, considerate, transparent, but mostly we want to begin each new day focused on being as generous as we possibly can.

 Finally, My philosophy for dealing with people is really the simplest thing. We try to follow the Golden Rule in all of our relationships. We want to treat both vendor, salesperson, customer, employee, and friend in a manner reflective of:

 Our Doing Unto Others, as We Would Have The Do Unto US. 

 Thank you for reading,


Pamela Mitchell  


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