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The Benefits of Rosemary

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September 8th is Grandparents Day

Today we celebrate those who love us unconditionally.  

I hope you are having a wonderful September, Sunday.  I also hope your own Grands are still around and you have the opportunity to extend some love today. Grandparents are so important. They give us their time, and they somehow convince us that we are the most special person in their world. Even if we are the tenth most special grandchild in the whole-wide-world.  They give us identity, belonging, roots and security.  I would love just ten more minutes with my Nana and other Grandparents. They were my role models. 

There is some good news for Grandparents, and for anyone worried about their memory, and other age related illness.  This news may help to permanently delay memory loss and boost our brain's reasoning capacity. 

Scientists working in Great Britain, studied Rosemary and its impact on memory and reasoning. Their experiments reported some exciting news for improving our mood, memory, mental clarity, and cognitive reasoning skills.  Dr Moss found Rosemary had a dramatic ability to enhance both our “mood,” or attitude as well as producing significant enhancements the quality our memory. Dr. Mark Moss at Northumbria University, in Newcastle, published his finding in the International Journal of Neuroscience. 

This test was designed to determine what effect the herb, Rosemary had on our performance and attitude. One hundred test subjects were simply exposed to Rosemary asked to take a whiff. This study centered around the human olfactory perception, or our sense of smell.  

We say, “an apple a day to keep the doctor away”, but soon, “a whiff of Rosemary keeps my memory Okay!”  

Other Benefits of Rosemary

  • Drink Rosemary tea for Arthritis Pain:  Put 1/2 ounce of rosemary leaves in a 1-quart canning jar and fill the jar with boiling water. Cover tightly and let stand for thirty minutes. Drink a cup of the hot tea before going to bed and have another cupful in the morning before breakfast. Do this for two to three weeks, and then take a break for seven to ten days before starting the treatment again.
  • It increases blood circulation and it keeps us stimulated and alert.  Also having properties, which are analgesic, antiseptic, antispasmodic. This hardly herb is a super bush, as it also seems to fight fatigue, 
  • As a dandruff aid, Rosemary is a natural deterrent for flaking scalp. Simply make a strong Rosemary tea of clear, clean water. Brewing 3 to 5 sprigs of fresh Rosemary leaves, allowing this tea to steep for twenty four hours. Remove the sprigs and strain the tea through an unbleached filter.  Apply to hair as a rinse. 
  • Cellulite is helped by the use of Rosemary oil. Rosemary oil improves the blood flow, circulation, and the metabolism of the skin and aids in pushing the, “fat,” which trapped under the skin to aids in flushing our cellulite. 
  • As if that were not enough Rosemary has been often used for centuries in both China and throughout Europe as a very effective treatment of headaches. And in modern times for the hang-over, yes it is beneficial for several types of pain.   
  • Currently, Rosemary is the focus of breast cancer treatments, which are using chemical compounds produced by the herb Rosemary.  Arthritis, often associated with the elderly, is being treated with some success by a daily cup of rosemary tea. 


Well, the tiny pine tree, scruffy looking herb, Rosemary, is a wonder. It is casually placed in each garden for its aroma is just the thing to aid and stimulate our brain messages. 

Shakespeare got it right! 


There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray you, love,
remember. And there is pansies, that’s for thoughts.
-William Shakespeare (Hamlet, Act 4, Scene 5)





There is One word of caution concerning Rosemary's use:

Rosemary is strong medicine and should never used if pregnant, or if one suffers from high blood pressure. Due to Rosemary's property of increasing blood circulation, it should not be used by those who suffer from gallstones, or who suffer from epilepsy or ulcerative colitis. 


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