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Calling All Perfectionist

Posted by Karen's Botanicals Blogger in Residence on

Unscented for Sensitive Skin

The Star of our Minimalist Collection

We manufacture our Perfect Lotion for those who have sensitivities to fragrance and other chemicals. This Moisturizer is Perfection itself, as it is a luscious, safe, and utterly unscented body lotion. There are zero essential oils, perfumes, or fragrance oils, added to its preparation. It smells like it smells. Besides zero fragrance, there are zero Chemical Preservatives in this preparation. It is a total minimalist approach to body lotion. We limited the preservatives for the same reason as we limited the fragrances, so as to provide an alternative for those needing a simple clean approach to skin care. 

Having a limited chemical profile makes this the Perfect solution for anyone and everyone. Additionally, the design of this product makes it Perfect for babies, young children, and the very elderly. The lack of perfumes, fragrance oils, and preservatives are a fantastic option for those with allergies, medical issues, and of course for anybody suffering from overly sensitive skin.

Karen designed Perfect with an especially fabulous quality of a certified organic Coconut Oil base. So as a lotion it delivers a fantastic moisture pouch without ever clogging your pores. In a world of flowering, fruity, mountain mist smelling lotions, this one is very popular for just being a hard-working body moisturizer.

Perfect Lotion glides onto the skin, and absorbs quickly and drys easily. This lotion is just a tad bit heavier and more emollient than our lighter Summer Sunflower Lotion. Perfect Lotion is ideal for those who live in humid climates. Also useful as a light facial moisturizer.

In all of its perfection; however, Perfect Lotion does require one small trade-off due to this zero-fragrances-zero-chemically-preserved state. It has a slightly shorter shelf life. Our Perfect Lotion is viable for 8 to 9 months only. It is a good idea to purchase the amount what you will use within that 8-9 month period.

Do not stockpile this lotion.

I promise, we can make you more.

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