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Animal Testing

Animal testing is not allowed here!


We have never tested on animals & we never will.


 Our Animal Testing Policy:


  ~Under no circumstances whatsoever will we test on animals. Our products are developed with the cooperation of friends, family, and well-established customers to help test and refine formulas. We believe it is pretty mean to test a product on a helpless creature who can not test you back.


  ~ While consensual human testing of potentially dangerous materials may be necessary for medical research; we simply do not need to take risks with daily skin care. We formulated your products from highly reliable sources. Our raw ingredient sources share our same ethical standards. These fabulous products are from the safest, fundamental and ancient of materials.


 ~Our products are from pure raw materials that human beings and animals have been living with and using, safely, for thousands of years. These materials would include things like olive oil, beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, spices, flowers, and common herbs. You could eat most of our products safely, although your skin care might not be tasty as a treat.


  Why do we not carry the Leaping Bunny Logo or the PETA Logo?


 We do support the principles of this two wonderful organizations, and I believe we are listed internally on both of these websites. However, we have found the annual fees and the necessary administrative cost prohibitive. The last time we had a staff member start these forms the stress, cost, and time to make application was overwhelming; furthermore, we must annually make a new application.  


 The process is tedious for small companies, which are trying to keep prices reasonable.  We would love to do this, but the fees transfer to customers in the form of higher prices. We pride ourselves on keeping our Quality High and our cost Reasonable. We are also proud of being kind to animals and never testing.


 Will visit this issue annually. We hope the policy of charging companies, "annually," for doing good changes. We would also love it if administrative expenses reduced by providing an alternative with an easier to apply system. 


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