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Luxury Bar Soap From Karen's Botanicals


I have always considered soap as the first luxury. We have filled our little shop of bubbles with some pretty nifty treats. Everything from bath salts to soothing stress away, to bath sachets for the woman never sleeps. There are lavender scented sachets for dainty and dedicates, salts, and soaps, oils, and herbs.


  Soap should do three things well. Soap should smell fantastic, bubble profusely, and soap should clean joyously. Everything else is just an added benefit. Our soaps smell great. Some of them create mounds of bubbles, and all of them clean away the day's troubles with organic flair. Some focus on the scent, and a few are low profile soaps, for the very sensitive, and some do all things extremely well.



 We love making soap because the whole factory has a sort of Christmas morning aroma-thing going one. It is a cross between champagne unique and cotton candy fun. We do try and bring together exotic scents, with organic herb-infused oils, and exfoliates to offer you the most pleasing of experiences.



 Karen's Handmade Soap is uniquely crafted in a traditional artisan method and handmade using organic essential oils, organic herbs, and only food grade additives. Each bar of cleansing aromatherapy takes over a month to create, as we infuse our specialty oils. We slowly turn unique blends of all natural and organic ingredients into sudsy bars full of skin protecting glycerin, butter, and oils.


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