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Blemish and Acne Control

Yikes, having a zit is the worst; but for a teenager, it can be catastrophic; however, we have a solution. Our Peppermint Pimple Zapper is an excellent product for dealing with typical outbreaks of acne. It is a straightforward and efficient therapy. Acne can cause emotional distress and anxiety. This misery is particularly the case if you're a teenager, but our Peppermint Pimple Zapper brings relief. This treatment is the one product you need if suffering from common acne.

This astringent and healing formula is a clean and refreshing ointment, treating and nourishing your skin while reducing oiliness and redness. Peppermint Pimple Zapper is a straightforward product. We make this without the extra, high-powered ingredients offered in some commercial brands; and formulate this safe alternative from pure plant extracts and essential oils. We source both our plant extracts and essential oils from organic suppliers of the highest reputation.

Our Peppermint Pimple Zapper comes in a variety of sizes, including the very popular and refillable glass roller-ball. A personal 2-ounce size is a perfect bottle from which to refill your roller-ball. We offer an economical professional size bottle; containing 4-ounces, for easy roller-ball refills. available

Roller-ball Zapper, 0.35 oz (5038)