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Shelf LIfe

Herbs Infusing In The Sun


Karen's Botanicals' products do not last forever, and you should think of them in the same way you think of fresh produce. Fantastic for their season, but not to be stockpiled, because they do not contain, like apples, and strawberries any form of chemical preservative or fragrance to hide the introduction of preservatives. Period.

We make all of our products with organic, natural, and wild-crafted ingredients, and we do not add items to extend their liveliness unnaturally.

Do not expect our products to be perfect forever. They will not be perfect but for a season, like fresh grapes, and oranges.

Shelf Life from Date of Purchase:
Cleansers: 18 months
Toners: 2 years
All cream and lotions (except for Perfect Lotion): 1 year
Perfect Lotion: 6 months
Serums: 18 months
Balms: 1-2 years
Therapeutic Oils: 2 years
Aromatic Mists: 3 years

Deciding to go, "natural, holistic, organic," is often a battle between competing ideas and values. Things come into play when purchasing our products when compared to national complex-chemical brands. We look at the size, price, longevity, preservative load, and compare these with the product's life span. We ask about the innate usefulness of various ingredients when compared to their possible safety and product impact.

We decided a long time ago that our core decisions would always center around what gives our customer the most value for their money while upholding high standards for our products.

This commitment means there is a little trade-off to ensure our holistic products get to you without all of the extra, sometimes hidden ingredients, which hid very sophisticated chemicals to make sure brands can linger on the shelf for years.