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Shelf LIfe

Herbs Infusing In The Sun

We are always making new batches of product at Karen's Botanicals. Everything is fresh; therefore, it is difficult to find an old product on our shelves. We are a small-batch-handmade company, and we only make enough each time-period. Our method of small controlled batches ensure quality and enhance your purchases and thereby prolonging shelf life without the need to improve the beauty of nature, artificially.


Shelf Life from Date of Purchase:

Cleansers: 18 months

Toners: 2 years

All creams and lotions (except for Perfect Lotion): 1 year

Perfect Lotion: 6 months

Serums: 18 months

Balms: 1-2 years

Therapeutic Oils: 2 years

Aromatic Mists: 3 years


Realistically, comprehensive commercial skin care and cosmetic products will last a long time. Ours will not last for years and years. We work with natural ingredients. Things found in nature. Unprocessed and raw materials found on organic farms. We want elements in a straightforward form and coming straight from the good earth.


Our cleansers, lotions, & serums as having life and nourishment and coming straight from the ground. The very nature of things being organic is that they will perish over time. If products do not perish they are not biologically formulated by produced by man-made chemicals; otherwise, products must be chemically laden to ensure an appearance of freshness.


Commercially created skin care must remain in warehousing, survive trucking across the country, and finally, these chemical productions must sometimes sit for a couple of years on a store shelf. To be appealing to customers, additives such as colorants, artificial preservatives, and fragrances mimic the pure beauty of what nature does naturally.


We have a very different vision for our customers. It is a concept of freshness, nourishment for both body and soul, void of harmful chemicals, and as close to nature as possible.




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