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Standards & Practices


We are a natural, herbal skin care company. We care about creating a high level of organically produced work, which is as close to the farm as possible. We are devoted to a perfect model of using 100% organic materials in the production of our products. This goal is not easy to do. Currently, our production is between ninety to ninety-nine percent organically sourced ingredients. We are not satisfied and will continue seeking new ingredients and methods to increase our standard.


We use ingredients which are:








Moving toward Vegan

We are Vegan-Friendly and working diligently toward an entirely vegan skin care model.


We will not use harsh chemicals in the production of our skin care products.


We believe in the sustainable ecology model for business. All of our jars and bottles are recyclable containers. (So, please recycle.) We eliminate all extraneous packaging to limit waste. We recycle all packaging entering our facility, and we look for eco-friendly solutions to the problems of waste that plague all modern businesses.


Made in the USA. We favor and purchase from local organic farmers, and other American companies, which adhere to our standards. We encourage a culture of jobs for our neighbors and promote sustainable organic farming in America.



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