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Light Lotions for Face and Body


We formulate a variety of luscious light lotions that can be used on both the face and body. No one likes the feeling of applying a lotion and finding it still sitting atop the skin after an hour. This lotion collection will deliver a maximum moisture benefit, in a light weight texture, therefore these lotions are more easily and quickly absorbed into the skin.


We do not use parabens, synthetic fragrances, harmful synthetic preservatives. Our lotions are very practical, and ounce for ounce are less expensive than creams. The lotions in our collection can be used year-round. Some people like them as facial moisturizers in summer-like weather, or in hot, and humid climates. These are great skin savers for winter weather conditions too, when heating draws moisture out of skin, and over exposure to cold air can damage tender skin tissue.


Men tend to appreciate our fresh smelling White Cedar Lotion, while those dealing with all sorts of sensitivities trust the minimalism of our Perfect Lotion and Summer Sunflower is the fan favorite in every group

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