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sunflower1.jpg Organic Sunflower Oil  Helianthus annuus 
  • Supplies more Vitamin E than any other vegetable oil  
  • Rich in lecithin, tocopherols, carotenoids and natural waxes 
  • Provides a moisture barrier, and softens skin, very desirous in skin care
  • Sunflower oil closely resembles human sebum and mirrors the natural skin lipids 

Organic Olive Oil Oleo Europea

  • Ancient use as a cleanser, moisturizer, and antibacterial agent. 
  • Vitamins A, D, K, and E 
  • Protein which fights free radicals 
  • Aid to disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and seborrheic eczemas

Organic Sweet Almond Oil Prunus amygdalus

  • Emollient with excellent penetrating and nutritional properties 
  • Nourishing for dry, damaged, or irritated skin 
  • Rich in glucosides, minerals, and vitamins and protein 
  • Almost fragrance free, an excellent oil for those with sensitive or dry skin

Organic Rose Hip Oil Rosa canina

  • Safe & High in essential fatty acids
  • Repairs dry, weathered, scared, and dehydrated skin
  • Treats wrinkles and premature aging
  • Damaged skin treatment

Organic Jojoba Oil Simmondsia chinensi

  • Mild odor
  • Advanced molecular stability
  • Absorption properties similar to skin's own sebum
  • Stability is higher then most oils and rancidity is rarely a concern

Organic Grape Seed Oil Vitis vinifera

  • Linoleic acid, aids circulation
  • Helps control moisture of the skin
  • Absorbs with ease, is lubricating & has pleasing odor
  • Natural chlorophyll results in the light green hue

Organic Coconut Oil Refined Cocos nucifera

  • Moisturizing & Protective
  • Aids moisture retention
  • Suitable for inflamed, irritated, & sensitive skin
  • Lathering agent

Organic Avocado Oil Cocos nucifera

  • Increase collagen production
  • Smoother, firmer, and younger looking skin
  • Repairs sun damage
  • Promotes skins hydration

Organic Apricot Kernel Oil Prunus armeniaca

  • Easily absorbed by the skin
  • Good for sensitive, inflamed, dry & mature skin
  • Enhances skin elasticity
  • Anti-wrinkle/skin rejuvenation

Organic Aloe Vera Gel Aloe barbadensis

  • Multipurpose skin treatment
  • Rejuvenating, healing, & soothing
  • Treatment of burns & insect bites
  • Contains saponin an antimicrobial agent

Organic Witch Hazel Extract Hamamelis virginiana

  • Distilled from twigs and bark from the Witch Hazel tree
  • Gentle astringent
  • Cosmetic & Medical uses

Organic Unrefined Shea Butter

  • Extremely moisturizing
  • Treatment for common skin conditions
  • Multiple use ingredient

Organic Mango Seed Butter

  • Highly moisturizing & antioxidant
  • Mildly lubricating
  • Very emollient