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Questions About Ordering from Karen's Botanicals


Question: I live outside of the USA. How can I buy Karen'sBotanicals products?

Answer: The Answer depends on where you live. We do ship outside of the United States, and we will be happy to make arrangements. We handle out of country orders on a case by case basis; however, you need to contact us directly at ---------- with your request.


Please include the following information in your request

A Include a list of the items you would like to purchase.

B. We will need to know how many of each item you wish for us to ship.

C To what country do you want us to ship?

D Include your contact information via email.


We will contact you to discuss your order and shipping.

Please see our Customer Care page for international shipping rules.



Payments Made to Karen's Botanicals


Question: I do not have a Paypal account but would like to make a purchase from your on-line store. How can I buy products without opening a Paypal account?

Answer: You do not need a PayPal account to order from our company. PalPal. PayPal is more than a bank-on-line bank. We decided to use their business due to the excellent security they provide us. We wanted our customer's information kept private and secure, and they know a lot about those two things. They process our orders in a fast, safe method.


Ways to Order:

There are several ways to purchase from our store.

Karen's Botanicals accepts all major credit cards and debit cards. We use the PayPal system as an extra layer for the protection of our many customers.


You can order over the phone by calling us at 678-463-6811

You may order over the Internet: Contact us at

You may order by Snail-Mail at:

35 Gibbons Road,

Taylorsville, Georgia 30178


We can send you an on-line bill for your purchased items. You simply email us, include a list of items you wish to purchase, and our bookkeeper will help you make a purchase through email. We also take phone orders for those customers not familiar with the internet, or uncomfortable making purchases on-line.


Question: Can I return a product?

Answer: Most, but not all items are returnable. We want a satisfied customer, and we always advise you to purchase one of our sample sizes, before buying a full-size product, because dealing returns are tedious for our clients. If you are not happy, we will allow you to return, and exchange the items. You may also request a refund.


Returns and exchanges are not available for all products.


*Please note these:

Sample Sizes are not refundable and returnable

Our 2-ounce lotion sizes are not refundable and returnable

Our Fire Cider is not returnable or refundable



Gifting Karen' Botanicals

Question about Gifting: Can you gift wrap a product and forward it to a third person with a card attached?

Answer: Oh yes. We love sending gift packages. It is fun for us and fun for them. We will be happy to include a personal note or card in gifts.

Let us know what you would like for us to say for you in the greeting.



Shelf Life of Karen's Botanicals Products

Question: What is the shelf life of the goods purchased from Karen's Botanicals?

Answer: Cleansers: 18 months Toners: 2 years All creams and lotions (except for Perfect Lotion): 1-year Perfect Lotion: 6 months Serums: 18 months Balms: 1-2 years Therapeutic Oils: 2 years Aromatic Mists: 3 years Bath Bar Soap: 3 years Foaming Hand Soap: 18 months There is an extended answer to Product Longevity on the page entitled, "Shelf Life." You will find this at the bottom of each page and also listed under our Customer Care link.




Question: Is there Lavender in the body oils?

Answer: We do use lavender; however, it is not in everything we produce and only a few of our products contain lavender. I will share this information with you concerning each product. Please contact me directly, through email, as I think it would be faster for me to answer. We make many products, most do not have lavender, but there are a couple. We want to make certain that you get items suitable for you.


Question: I have gluten issues. Do I need to worry about your products containing gluten?

Answer: We are gluten-free.

Concerning gluten, I too have issues with gluten.

My sister, Charlotte, has celiac disease. She is a regular user of our products. We are very aware of this issue and try as hard as possible to avoid all cross-contamination.

So that you know, we also ask our suppliers the very same gluten question.


Question: What is the size of particle size for the Zinc Oxide you use?

Answer: We use micronized zinc oxide with particle sizes larger than 240nm. We do not use nano-micronized particles.


Question: Do you have fragrance free products?

Answer: Yes! We understand that fragrance has become a real issue for many of our customers; therefore, we use no artificial fragrance of any kind. The scents found in our products come from the natural ingredients, or from the natural fragrances found in organic essential oils, which we use sparingly.


Question: How often should I use an exfoliating scrub or peel for best results?

Answer: The process of exfoliation is to remove dead skin cells, toxins, unclog pores, smooth lines, and wrinkles, soften skin, and not harm the skin. Concerning the use of Karen's Botanicals Exfoliating Cleansing Scrubs and our Natural Sugar Scrub and Peel, we recommend these products twice to three times per week. We also advise a patch test for those with sensitive skin. Many commercial scrubs, masks, and peels, which are currently on the market are excessively harsh. Karen's Botanicals will only use organic grains, flowers, and sugars, etc. These are gentle yet effective scrubs, masks, and peels.


Question: I am looking for a lotion for my husband to use after he shaves to soothe the irritated area. Can you recommend a product for him?


Answer: Karen's Botanicals Rehydrating Aloe Vera Lotion for Oily Skin is one that I know men utilize. It is a clean, light, and an oil free moisturizing lotion. Formulated especially for acne and oily skin. Used for after shaving, as a moisturizer for both the face or body. Aloe Vera is known for soothing and healing damaged skin while it cools the pain of sunburn, and skin irritated by insect bites. It is moisturizing and antibacterial.

2-Perfect Lotion is another choice. Both of these lotions are good choices for our male customers as there are no feminine scents associated with either lotion and both are light weight.

3-White Cedar Lotion is also a favorite.


Question: Can I use the Cooling Green Tea Facial Serum under my eyes, neck, and face?

Answer: Yes, You may use our serums wherever needed; however, avoid the inner eye area.


Question: Can I use Cooling Green Tea Facial Serum, as my daily moisturizer?

Answer: Yes, you can use this product as part of your morning ritual. Many customers are using our facial serums at night as a repair lotion. Our Serums work well as a daily moisture product. It is skin healing goodness for the skin.


Question: Can I get the white cotton gloves with my Body Oil?

Answer: We will be happy to send you a pair of cotton gloves when ordering one of our body oils. Simply sent us an email during checkout.