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Herbal Health

We are not doctors, we don't play doctors on television, or provide any medical advice, nor do we make claims concerning the use of herbal, plant or folk medications beyond their standard known scientific applications. We do not make any claims concerning the healing factors of herbs, and anything we would have to say would only be anecdotal. If your medical practitioner tells you to turn left, we would never say, "No," Go Right!

Botanicals are essential to us because they are a large part of what we do here at Karen's Botanicals and in almost every KB product. We are always comparing current studies, and we do make product changes as we learn new things. Just so you know, we'd never throw a handful of herbs into a product, because a Borage Face Mask sounds cool, nor would we make a Mustard Seed Aromatherapy product to be different. It does not work that way. We work with particular herbs, flowers, fruits, or vegetables because that plant has historical herbalist support, which current scientific evidence also supports.

It is safe to say, "We're herb lovers," and why not? Herbs were the first medications, food seasons, life-sustaining foods, and the earliest instruments of spiritual rites. One person looks at weeds in the ground; another sees a medicine cabinet.

We take them for granted. I mean herbs are everywhere. So common are these plants that perhaps we've stopped taking them seriously. When seeking advice from your medical practitioner, you should include all the herbal remedies you currently use. Ingesting herbs can have a profound impact on your body and can prove harmful if your doctors are not aware of their presence in your body.

We also ask that you begin to read the labels of all our products and become familiar with the herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers we regularly use. We encourage you to use organic, fresh, non-GMO food sources. Look for that which is local for your cooking purposes. The differences will amaze you. It is like a whole new dimension opens up when we move from dry to fresh, and again as we move into organic.

We also believe that every family should have at least one person who invests some time in learning about folk medicines because you never know when you will be in a situation without proper medications, doctors, or clinics. Like my first year at summer camp and the "Great Bee Sting Solution." We do think everyone should become familiar with herbs, because they are affordable, available, and cultivated with relative ease, in the smallest space. Growing herbs can become a fun family activity, and children can learn so much about the world from building small gardens.

So love, grow and know your herbs.