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Combination Skin


Combination skin is extremely common. It is also very frustrating. Just as the name implies, the skin has patches of dry, and usually has a center T-Zone of oily, and acne prone skin. The frustrating part is the requirement for two different skin programs working simultaneously to create harmony and balance. There is care for this skin type and being diligent in your effort will bring beautiful skin rewards.


Apply dry skin products such as Rehydrating Olive Oil, or Gentle Cleanser in small amounts to the dry sections of your skin. Use Refreshing Lemon Mint Cleanser to the more oily sections of skin. Rinse, gently pat with a cotton ball with suitable toner and follow with a tiny amount of moisturizer to dry patches and Aloe Vera Lotion to your T-Zone.


Be gentle to your skin. Exfoliate your entire face with a single natural product like our Exfoliating Cleansing Grains, or our Natural Sugar Scrub and Peel every few days. It will be wonderfully restorative to bring balance and follow Aloe Vera Lotion, or another moisture product suitable for combination skin, such as Cooling Green Tea Serum, Rejuvenating Facial Serum with Ester C., or our Calendula Facial Cream.

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