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Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

The website you are visiting is owned and operated by Karen's Botanicals LLC. By visiting this site, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set in place by Karen's Botanicals LLC, and its authorized officers.


 Please do not copy, print, sell, or plagiarize information from our website without the explicit written permission of a Karen's Botanicals LLC authorized persons. All website images are those owned by, or have been purchased by, or permitted for use by Karen's Botanicals LLC, and we would appreciate you asking for their use, which we might, or might not grant.


All information provided by any person connected with Karen's Botanicals LLC should be considered an opinion and not a medical diagnosis. Medical personnel are not available or staffed by Karen's Botanicals LLC; therefore, we are unable to make medical diagnosis concerning skin diseases.


While our ingredients have been the basis for skin care products for several centuries, we do not hold any notion that "one size fits all."

No two people are exactly alike. What works for one person may not work for others. We do not claim to cure, heal, remove, or restore..., we provide high-quality skin care products, from pure, simple, and ancient ingredients.


We do not warranty our products, and we do not provide an implied warranty, at any point, for any reason, for any product, produced by Karen's Botanicals LLC. However, we do offer recourse for dissatisfaction. We can provide an exchange or refund monies paid for product purchased. Information concerning product exchanges or returns is in another section of this website.


Additionally, we can not guarantee product satisfaction with delivery. We would like to, but that is not possible because we can not ensure customer results. We have no way of knowing if the product was used correctly, how often the products were used, by whom, etc.


By visiting our website and by making a purchase from Karen's Botanicals LLC you agree to use any product obtained in the manner and method spelled out on our website, in our brochures, on our labels, and in all written materials. Also, you agree to keep our products out of the reach of small hands. Children should not be allowed to play with or use any materials received from our company. Children tend to eat things, which smell pleasing to them.


All disputes of any nature that should ever arise involving Karen's Botanicals LLC will be handled in the court system of the State of Georgia, USA. The laws of the State of Georgia will be applicable and govern all parties actions.


We reserve the right to increase Karen's Botanicals LLC prices as we experience cost increase.


We also reserve the right to alter our methods of shipping, as conditions change. We never know what happens when we ship product across the country. The shipping process has issues outside our control.


We also retain the right, without notice, to change our formulations, as scientific advancements improve, the organic method improves. We document changes, so as to ensure the latest information available concerning our product. Changes can occur without advanced notice if we feel it is the right thing to do for the health, and well-being of our customers and the integrity of our product line.


We may from time to time remove an item from our collection if we can not formulate that product within our code of, and "organic," guidelines, which we have set for ourselves. This change may also happen if we are no longer able to secure high-quality ingredients required for an item in our line.


We are happy to answer questions concerning this or other of our policies, and issues concerning our products.


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