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Rewards Program


Karen's Botanicals' Reward Program

We are always looking for ways to show our appreciation for your support of our organic skin care company. The Rewards program for Karen's Botanicals is a very practical expression of how fantastic we think our customers are! It will help you save money throughout the year, and give you more control over savings, as you get to decide when you need a “sale.” These points are yours, and you may use them at your discretion.


Who is eligible for the Reward Program?

We created this loyalty program for the customers of Karen's Botanicals. This points are not transferable and are not useful for discounts on another website, which might carry Karen's Botanicals Products.


Where Do I Find My Points?

If you are a customer of Karen's Botanicals, just log into your account, and you will receive 100 points to start. When you opened the Karen's Botanicals website, a new black bar, appeared, at the bottom right side of your web page. Click on the black bar to open a pop-up page. Next, Click on the 'Reward Redemption' Tab. This page will provide information concerning your earned points. Click on the, 'My Rewards' Tab, and it will show you the rewards you have already redeemed. Click on, “Points History,” Tab and it will show you where your points came from, points redeemed and balance of points left in your account.


Are You A New Customer ?

If you are a visitor, or new to our website, you can still get points without a purchase. Just go to the Karen's Botanicals Home Page, and click on, “My Account,” found in the upper left corner of our Home Page. A new page will open, giving you the opportunity to create an account. After creating an account, you are automatically given 100 points. You will be signed up for our newsletter, which will notify you of our sale events.


How are Reward Points Earned?

Every customer starts with 100 points, which we placed into your account. These 100 points were placed into your account as you logged into the system. We did this to get your savings started.


For each $1 spent (excluding tax, and shipping,) you can earn 10 points. Every time you make a purchase you are building a stockpile of reward points.


Plus, we placed retroactive points into your account from your past orders. We went back at least one year to award points from the purchases you have made in the previous 12 months.


Plus, we gathered as many points as we could find, from various reports, which were under your name.


Some customers have gotten married or shopped under multiple email accounts, and if this is you; you may have more points than you realize. Check your various emails, which you have used for shopping. If you have used more than one (1) email account and wanted to combine your points under one email account, please let us know, and we gather your points into one account. We tried to collect these reward points into your account as well. This project has taken a lot of time, and we are grateful to the bookkeeper for her faithfulness in what was a monumental project of awarding these points. If you find a mistake has occurred, please let us know, we can amend your account to reflect the points from several accounts into one.



Just send us an email at

We will get a staff member to compile your points under one name and one email account.



If you become a fan of Karen's Botanicals through Facebook or Twitter, you will receive a 10% off coupon to be used at your discretion. (Save this code for check-out.)



When joining our email newsletter, you will receive a 10% off coupon, also to be used at your discretion. (Save this code for check-out.)



If you refer Karen's Botanicals to a friend, and she makes a purchase, you will receive a $10.00 off coupon, which you can directly apply to a purchase of your choice. ( Save this code for check-out.)


Make sure to remind your friend that she must tell us how she found us. She must give us your name. We have no way of indentifing all of our customer's referrals without being told. Again, this is another way to pass the savings along, because you did something special for us, by referring your friend. (Save this code for check-out.)



Your friend will receive a $10.00 off coupon with her first purchase. However, we distribute this reward differently.


When you tell others about Karen's Botanicals, we can expand into new areas of research and development.


How Many Points Do I have?

To find your current value of your points, just log into your account and click the black bar, located at the bottom right side of our webpage. A black bar will open and display the point value currently have in your account.


What Are My Points Worth?

Here is the current value of Reward Points.

5% Off your purchase = 200 Points

10% Off your purchase = 400 Points

15% Off your purchase = 600 Points

20% Off your purchase = 1,000 Points

25% Off your purchase = 1,500 Points

A minimum of 200 points needed for the system to activate


As we grow, there will be additional values added to this system so that you can get even more savings. Karen's Botanicals' Reward Points are redeemable only at this website.



How Do I Use Reward Points?

You input your code at step 4, at the time you check out.

1-Points can be redeemed when you make purchases.

2-Log into your account to redeem points, Make your purchase.

3-Click on the "Black Bar," found at the bottom right of our front page.

This Black Bar is a small pop-up and will display the current point value.

4-Click, "Reward Redemption," Tab.

5-Click, “Redeem,” from one of five "Tabs."

6-Write down displayed code, or copy and paste into the shopping cart.

7-During your checkout, you will need this coupon code to get your discount.



At check-out, this is what you will see:

Redeem a Gift Certificate or Coupon

To apply a gift certificate or coupon code to this order, please enter the code below and click 'Apply.'

Code: __________________Apply


What can I do with Reward Points?

Save money on those Karen's Botanicals' Skin Care Products you most love. Use points for items you purchase all the time. This system allows you more control over your purchasing power. You decide when you need a sale to take place, by having points in your account. This program can give you extra cash for gift-giving holidays.


Need a gift, but dollars are tight. Use points to send a gift, and we will gift wrap, add a lovely card with your sentiments expressed, and we'll ship for you. So you can now send your sister-in-law our Organic Cleansing Grains on the cheap, or buy something wonderful for yourself because you are totally awesome!


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