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We love a satisfied customer. Our primary goal is your happiness and safety. We wish every customer would try our excellent products just once and fall in love with how wholesome, sustainable, and clean they are.

Quality Skin Care can be pricey, so we offer sample sizes of most of our products. Samples are the best choice for new customers, and there are several reasons we encourage your purchase of a, " try me size first." However, we want you to try samples before you invest in our product line.

It is practical to sample before investing in full sizes. We encourage everyone to test everything before making a full-size commitment. These reasons make our sample program a good investment. We do not want you burdened with a product you can not use. Additionally, if you have allergies, or if you have highly sensitive skin, we believe a visit to our sample store is the best option for you.

We do not use the small aluminum bubble packs, which are standard in our industry. Those tiny packets are not a significant amount to know if you like something, or not, so we use a slightly larger container for our sample inventory.

We price our, try-me," sizes between $5.00 and $8.50. We wish we could give our samples to everyone. I'd love them to be free, free, free but sadly, what is not widely known is the cost of producing samples is very high. The cost of labor sets this price. The woman-power for filling samples is wildly expensive. It takes longer to manage our sample department than the average person can imagine.

We ship samples in a first-class cushioned mailers, which saves money, and uses less packaging. USPS is fast, reliable, and comes with tracking.

To help our new customers find an even better product match, we are adding more of our conventional products to our sample store. The link is at the bottom of our front page and again at the bottom of each subsequent page of our website. Just look for the "Sample Store."


We currently offer the following items as samples:



Olive Oil Cleanser

Refreshing Lemon Mint Cleanser

Gentle Cleansing Lotion, No-Soap

Make-up Remover, Micellar H2O


Toner and Astringents:

Melissa Rose Toner

Fennel Sage Toner

Queen of Hungary's Water



Sensuous Amber Sage Cream

Soothing Calendula Rose Cream

Stimulating Rosemary Cream

Calendula Rose Facial Cream

Lavender Daytime Cream with Zinc Oxide

Moisture Rich Daytime Cream

Enriching Rosehip Eye Cream



Perfect Lotion

Summer Sunflower Lotion

White Cedar Lotion

Aloe Vera Lotion

Simple Daytime Unscented Lotion With Zinc Oxide



Enriching Rosehip Eye Cream

Make-up Remover, Micellar H2O



Cooling Green Tea Serum, Original Formula

Cooling Green Tea Serum, Thicker Formula

Rejuvenating Facial Serum with Ester C., Original Formula

Rejuvenating Facial Serum with Ester C., Thicker Formula



Beautiful Body Oils:

Balm of Gilead Oil

Hot Pepper Ginger Oil

Deepease Arnica Oil

Stimulating Rosemary Body Oil

Soothing Calendula Rose Body Oil

Oregano Compound Oil

Pennyroyal and Garlic Oil

Saint John's Wort Compound Oil