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What's New?


What's New? 


For Starters, our website is new!


We have been desperate to change our web design. Our last site evolution was two years ago, and it created more problems than it solved.  Our customers had difficulty locating products on our site, and at that time, we just wanted to improve the store's navigation. It wasn't long before we discovered how nearly impossible the new design was for us! 


We regularly were challenged when it came to making routine changes.  Everything we did required hundreds of person-hours. Typical items like correcting a typo, changing copy, upgrading photographs were jobs, which now were overwhelmingly complicated. We were just seeking to make navigation easier for you; yet, we created an obstacle course for change. Clearly, our previous design was not the growth platform we had envisioned for our company. 


To remedy this, we have been working on new drafts for almost a year, and we are hopeful you find these pages easy to maneuver.  We hope you can locate items quickly and we especially hope you enjoy shopping our new website.  As you browse through our web pages, you will find a few new sections to our line.  One surprise will be the addition of our new Baby Botanical page, and another is the ever growing Bath Botanical product line.


A few pages are under construction. These are placeholders for items while we wait for our printer to make delivery of new labels. You will be notified by email when these sections are open.   


We value your opinions, insights, and concerns. We want to hear from you, as you are our most treasured asset and partner. We get our best advice and swiftest direction from you. Feel free to let us know what you think. We listen, and we take all of your thoughts under the most severe of considerations. 


Thank you,


Pamela Mitchell, President 

Karen's Botanicals LLC 


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