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Gee It's a Bee!

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Gee It's a Bee!

Just look at this cuddly-cute guy; he's so fuzzy and adorable, right?

“Sure, he's fuzzy, but his cuteness level is questionable, and I'm not so sure I'd want to cuddle,” you say?

Granted, he isn't pet-friendly, but this little guy might be the single most important multiple-legged creature in your universe. Sadly, his miniaturized world is on a destruction course with the multiplex of chemicals we spray in our environment.

Supporting bees may be the simplest, yet most important cause at this period in our history. Food equals Bees. They are responsible for the production of three-fourths of our food, and as the bees go, so go the humans. Here are a few practical tips for those of us who owe our livelihood to these beautiful creatures.

Bees require the simplest of things to thrive. Just like us, they need water, food, a place to live and raise the babies, and of course a reigning Queen.

This is easy stuff and you can make a huge difference. I bet many of you already do these things.

Flavorful Bee Buffet:

Growing a variety perennials and annuals which are native to your region and those which bloom at various times of the year can offer hearty sustenance for bees in your flight zone. Even the casual gardener can aid the bee population, by keeping flowering pots on the patio and balcony. A small garden plot offers excellent opportunities for supporting Bee colonies. If your city offers community garden plots, indulge yourself for bees and make a few human friends at the same time.

Partners in Community:

Our Organic farmers are on the front line in this war to save and enhance the bee world. A decade ago colony collapse brought a concentrating scientific study and made this a mainstream issue, as colony collapse is real and frightening. Help organic farmers who dedicate themselves to practices which support generations of bees. Buy organically farmed produce at every opporunity. It is mainstream now and easy to find. Buy local honey from local hives to aid the financial support of organic honey bee farmers.

Create a Toxic-Free No-Pesticide Menu:

Bees sample our flowers and vegetables, but we spray their meals with dangerous chemicals to discourage other bugs which we perceive as threats. However, pesticides can not discriminate between hero and foe. Pesticides are killing machines and will remove all bugs from your environment. It is the elimination of both the good and bad, but if we are talking vegetables, you might be dosing yourself along with the nasty crawling critters. Bees are very susceptible to chemicals and science is giving us an ever clearer picture of their complex universe all the time.

Offer a beverage:

Bees need clean, available sources of water. Just like us, they need plenty of H2O even in winter. Unless you live close to a permanent water source such as a pond, river, or lake, help bee colonies near you by providing the occasional beverage in your yard. Even a sculptured water feature on your patio can offer enough to sustain a hive when water is at a premium. I keep a shallow bird bath filled near my garden and another near my vineyard. I also collect rainwater for the birds, deer, and wildlife near me. I maintain this and keep it clean so as not to allow mosquitoes to take over the bees and birds water for breeding. Remember to turn the water and clean the container periodically.

Rent Control for Bees:

Bees don't all need a fancy professional hive to bee happy. Just decide to leave natural space un-mowed, un-racked, un-tilled, undisturbed and let it go native. If a tree dies in this area, allow it to do what gravity intended, (keeping human children out of this area.) Allow the natural world to reclaim this space for wild bees. Make Bees feel welcomed into your yard space, and pretty soon they'll feel right at home.

Bee a Lover:

Jump off our Karen's Botanicals website for a minute and visit a honey of a site called, “Honey Haven.”

Find It Here:

Please help the Honey Haven build a community of Bee Lovers, and spread the word to protect and comfort our Bee Community.

Spread the Buzz:

Send the buzz forth by posting this pledge to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Let others know how simple it is to aid our little buddies and how important bees are to our food source and environment.

A Bees-Less World:

I for one can not live in a world without flowers or food. I regularly visit a state, ( which shall remain nameless,) where few people do any real landscaping. It is a state without flowers and is mostly green-less brown. I love this nameless state, but for heaven's sake, PLANT SOME FLOWERS, ALREADY!

I remember thinking that without bees my whole world would look green-less brown, food-scarce, and soon people-less too.

And please, Bee Sweet and take the pledge.

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