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New Pump, Same Great Product

16th Dec 2013

A New 8 Ounce Pump


The new pump for our Boston Round 8 oz. bottle has arrived. It isn't causing random outburst of celebration in Congress or the United Nations, but around here it is a pretty big deal! Just drop your eight ounce bottle of Refreshing Lemon Mint Cleanser on a tile floor, and see if this improvement doesn't make for great rejoicing.

The old 8 oz. pump had a swan-like neck, which unfortunately was given to snapping when dropped. This new design fits snug into the bottle until released. Less of a swan and more of a duck, but we're excited.

Directions for Opening:
Push down on pump and turn counter-clockwise until released.

One last thought... These bottles still contain 8 ounces of product, or more. We have always over-filled our bottles, as we want you to get as much product as possible from each container. However, with the “workings” of the the pump now fitting inside the bottle, it consumes space at the very top. The bottles will not look as full, due the pump; but rest assured, there is still eight ounces of product or more in each and every bottle.