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Packing Materials Change

16th Dec 2013

 Materials Change


 earth-wrap.jpgWe are testing new packaging materials. Some of you have already received orders during December which use various wrapping materials.

 Karen's Botanicals is working to change the current plastic wrap we are all familiar with to a more earth-friendly wrap. We have used plastic bubble wrap for the past 10 years and it does offer a unique versatility to the mix of packaging solutions. The Bubble wrap we use is 100% recyclable, but the promise of recycling rolled and typed plastic is almost impossible to do and almost never done.  Additionally, this same plastic wrap is made using only 30% recycled materials. 30% is not enough and it hardly reduces our footprint to break-down in landfills during our lifetimes. 

Currently, we are testing two new materials made from 100% recycled materials.  We will still need to use plastic for the many glass items we ship; however this will reduce the plastic we are using by more than two-thirds. That Is Huge!

The first wrap is multilayered cellulose wadding. It is soft and non-abrasive, and gives structure to contain the product. Hopefully it is absorbent enough to allow for any mid-shipping mishaps. The second test is for, “Super Crepe.” Not as structured; however, 100% recycled and reusable, it is twice as soft as the cellulose wadding. This second material is also highly absorbant if an unfortunate spill should occur in transit.   Both products are reusable if we hold the product to the wadding with rubber bands; however, typing the product into the roll is, at this time, the best method.  We are sending out a number of products rolled and hold with rubber bands and the second group is being taped.

This testing of new material should continue though February. Please let us know what, if anything, you think concerning this change.  If anyone has an issue with the manner of packing, or with the materials used, we welcome your advice and thoughts on these materials.  The goal is ever greater earth-friendly shipping materials.