Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be frustrating. It is just what it sounds like, skin which is “hyper-sensitive and prone to adverse reactions.” The cause of hyper-sensitive skin can range from allergies, to environmental issues, and include several skin diseases. Genetic issues, “yes, it is mom's fault, again!” Your diet, or lack of a proper one can play a part. Additionally, a consideration of your age, and any related hormonal changes to your body, such as pregnancy, menopause, and of course teenage angst. All of these, and more can be reflected in the skin and its ability to remain balanced and preform its protective duties.


A skin disorder, or allergic skin reaction can include a diagnoses of eczema, rosacea, or allergic contact dermatitis. A sensitive person can have skin which is reactionary to over-stimulation from any number of things. This reaction can range from a simple dry batch of skin, to include, itchy irritated skin, rashes, swelling, inflammation, very painful, and hot to the touch skin tissue. This can be quite serious.


Skin conditions can evolve when skin becomes extremely dry, or if the skin suffers an injury. An injury can cause nerve endings to no longer protect the skin, as it once did. In this same manner, excessive exposure to damaging environmental elements can create conditions which overwhelm the skin's ability to maintain its balance.


The rest of us, normal, oily, maturing, and dry types, can suffer from the occasional seasonal sensitivities. Environmental changes can cause an abrupt reversal in skin type and condition. For some of us it is the annual case of, “Winter Skin.” Normally, a minor ailment, it can be an annual event, once the wind stirs up, and the chill sets in, we discover winter skin. Hands crack, and become painful to the touch. This rather simple skin complaint can become serious and painful within hours. The same thing occurs when we are neglectful in summer's direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Our skin feels baked, our back blisters, and suddenly find we've overexposed skin.


Balance is the goal for Sensitive skin types. A good policy is to maintain a consistently healthy diet. Use great care in their skin care regiment. Don't take anything for granted when it comes to your product use. Avoid stress on your skin, and emotional stress, as much as possible. The body feeds the mind, and the mind affects your inner spiritual life, which is a reflection of overall health.



Sensitive Tips

Tip 1-Keep a journal of skin aliments, include the details of what happened, when, and where and note anything else which might alert you as the cause.


Tip 2-Avoid foods, beverages, and chemicals, which are irritating to any allergies from which you might suffer.


Tip 3-Sensitives tend to hyper-react to topical agents, so take the greatest of care when changing your soap, detergents, shampoos, and all other topical products.


Tip 4- Select products with the fewest man made commercial chemicals. Remember, organic ingredients are chemicals, too. However, unless you have a known allergy to a plant based ingredient, you are better served if going natural rather than industrial.


Tip 5 – Avoid petroleum based products, especially when organic based products are now so available and affordable.


Tip 6- Avoid fragrance in skin care products. Focus on essential, plant based products as the backbone of your skin care regimen.


Tip 7 – Avoid traditional soap when cleansing. Use soap free cleansers.

Tip 8-Avoid Deodorant soaps


Tip 9 – Avoid alcohol based cleansers, such as hand sanitizing lotions.


Tip 10 – Avoid the use of harsh household cleansers.


Tip 11 – Avoid colorants in lotions, cleansers, and creams where possible.


Tip 12 – Use products with the lest number of active ingredients to perform the needed task. Products containing long lists of items might leave you open to possible complications.


Tip –13 Wearing a sunscreen year-round is a good idea for all skin types, but very important for those with sensitive-skin. Avoid tanning salons, and tanning in general. Always, keep moisture products at the ready.


Tip 14 – Avoid extremes in temperatures when bathing, and when heating and cooling your home. Keep a balance and moderation in all areas.





Product Recommendations


Gentle Cleanser 
Melissa Rose Toner if tested and well tolerated
Queen of Hungary Waters if well tolerated 
Micellar H2O Makeup Remover 
Soothing Calendula Rose Cream if extra moisture is needed
Calendula Rose Cream 
Perfect Lotion, Unscented 
 Summer Sunflower Lotion, Some with Sensitive Skin can well tolerate but test first. 
Simple Day-Time Unscented Lotion with Zinc Oxide 
Beautiful Body Oils: 
Balm of Gilead Oil 
Soothing Calendula Rose Oil 
Stimulating Rosemary Oil
Saint John's Worts Compound Oil