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Wonderful Spring

It Has Melted! It was a long dark winter. Most of the country has experienced the season as the bitterest of cold, and it never seemed to end. I know we are exhausted from winter; therefore, sighting a first sprig of green, or the annual appearance of a robin is cause for momentary celebration. It feels [...]

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Read & Repeat

Message Worth Repeating This message comes from one of our herbal suppliers. At first sight it was hard to read. Slowly, I began to see the value in repeating this message, even if fear of rejection was seeping into my mind. We are barraged with news, which is less than uplifting, so once in [...]

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Spring Cleaning Sale

Clean Up with 20% Sale

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Happy 238th Birthday

Our national birthday is July forth. A celebration of the signing of our Declaration of Independence. There will be great picnics, and amazing fireworks, which I always think of as the official start to summer-fun. July the Forth is also the day each year when I don’t apologize for telling everyone we are an [...]

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Summer is Coming to a Close, Already?

Where Did Summer Go? My goodness, that was fast. I just got the hang of staying cool this year and wow…it is Labor Day! Does anyone else miss those slow, and very lazy days of the summer when we were really young, and everything seemed so easy? I remember summer vacation lasting for what [...]

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